Ohm Sound & Light | A swinging design and resounding development for website

Transformation of business website

Ohm Sound & Light, a leading provider of professional sound and lighting equipment for all events, was looking for a website that would reinforce their brand image and showcase their diverse services. 

Using their logo, content and images as a guide, Goomyx got to work designing and developing a brand new website.

Spotlight on logo and content

We began by thoroughly examining the logo, content and images provided by the client. These elements served as inspiration for the design of the new website. 

As additional details, subtle waves were added into the design as a reference to sound waves. In addition, a plectrum shape is also featured on the website for elements such as the favicon, mobile navigation and subtitles. From these core elements, we created a mobile design which we later scaled up for bigger screens. This is what we call mobile first design which helps us to take into account different user experiences stemming from using different devices.

Development of a user-friendly website

With the newly created design as our guide, we started developing the website. We made sure the website was not only visually appealing, but also user-friendly and responsive on all devices. This allows customers to easily navigate through Ohm Sound & Light's various services and products. 

Sounds like music in our ears

The new website for Ohm Sound & Light reflects their expertise and professionalism. Using the Svelte framework, Goomyx delivered a performant and responsive result.

Check out the result on the brand new Ohm Sound & Light website.

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