Behind the screens

Alex and Shannon programming behind their screens

Alex and Shannon are the driving forces behind Goomyx. They bring their expertise and passion for technology and creativity to every project.

By now, they have helped dozens of organizations increase their impact.

With Goomyx they want to help build a more inclusive and accessible digital world, project by project,. That's why they always start from 4 core values: doing good, collaboration, accessibility and mixing.

Do good

Whatever project we work on must contribute positively to tomorrow's society. We enjoy using our diverse talents (design, website and app development, orthopedagogy, social justice...) to contribute to a better future.

Thus, project by project, together with our clients and end users, we build a more accessible digital world.


When executing our projects, we always strive to work collaboratively. We develop your website or app not for you, but with you. From idea to final delivery, we like to think along with you about your needs and wishes. In need of a critical eye to review your project? You can come to us for that too.

Curious about what such a collaboration can look like? Check out our process or book an introductory meeting.


Not everyone uses technology the same way. Some people use a mouse, others a keyboard or a screen reader. Even in terms of devices, we find variation from smartphone to tablet or desktop. All these people have equal rights to be part of the worldwide web. Websites and apps are therefore ideally viewed seamlessly on different screens and can be operated in different ways.
Together with our clients, we strive to give as many people as possible access to this new website or app in every project. In this way, the internet becomes a little more accessible each time.


The eternal debate, should it be beautiful or usable? That doesn't really have to be a choice. We strive to do justice to both aspects together.

By mixing our expertise with that of our clients and end users, we achieve a beautiful and usable end result.

Alex and Shannon with a Goomyx t-shirt on.

We are convinced that standing still is going backwards. That's why we keep learning about the latest trends and technologies. We attend workshops and trainings, read professional literature and experiment with new tools. Our motto? Lifelong learning!

With this commitment to continuous growth and improvement, we strive to push boundaries and provide innovative solutions that help our clients succeed in a rapidly changing digital world.

Alex Christiaens

Alex Christiaens, dressed in a suit and smiling for the camera.
Skills:Thinking outside of the box, human series and movies recommender
Hobbies & interests:Reading, gaming, jigsaw puzzles, using technology to help people
Favourite food: πŸ•,🍝, South-European food in general, preferably with πŸ§€ in it
You can't win if you don't play.

Shannon Goemaere

Shannon Goemaere wearing a flowery dress and smiling for the camera.
Skills:Fusion of aesthetics and functionality, team player, enthusiastic
Hobbies & interests:Cooking, reading, travelling, make-up, true crime stories
Favourite food: 🍣, but in fact, I'm a foodie in general
We're all a work in progress.

🀝 Partnerships 🀝

Frouke Vanhoutte

Frouke Vanhoutte wearing a striped blouse and smiling for the camera.

Frouke, founder of Flowsnap and passionate about learning for her entire life: learning things herself and helping others learn. Her mission is to eliminate (digital) education that hardly pays off. Every day, she helps companies, organisations and content experts design and develop digital and blended learning solutions that have a positive, sustainable and motivating impact. As an educational pedagogue with years of experience as an instructor in adult education, she knows better than anyone else how to transform learning content into engaging and didactically-based learning experiences.

She is convinced that the best learning solutions use evidence-based techniques and are perfectly tailored to the target group. Her eternal curiosity and personal approach guarantee both. In addition, you can always count on an end result that is graphically and technically perfect, because the user experience can make or break a learning solution.