Liocare | From self-built website to professional platform

Company website and application form for students and healthcare institutions

Home screen of Liocare website

Mohamed and Mathieu, founders of Liocare, were searching for a professional look for their website. They pair students, who are willing to roll up their sleeves, with healthcare institutions. With their self-built website, registration was done via a Word document. With their style guide in hand and some clear requirements, Goomyx changed this.

A fresh design 

We began by interpreting Liocare's style guide and their goals. They want their target audience to be clearly informed and have an easy registration process for interested visitors. We then created a warm, caring, yet fresh design that resonates with their target audiences: students and healthcare institutions.

Registration in an instant

By implementing Next.js technology, we were able to provide better user experiences with optimized performance. In addition, we simplified the registration process by integrating forms that are sent directly to the Liocare mailbox. No more sifting through uploaded documents in a variety of formats. 

Thanks to the mobile-friendly design, students can quickly and easily log in "from their couch," as the founders of Liocare themselves put it.

Flexibility and communication

During the project, we adapted to the changing needs of the Liocare team. We modified the content and logic to reflect their changed services and ensured smooth collaboration.

The result is a professional-looking platform that reflects Liocare's growing vision. The design and user experience have significantly improved and facilitated interaction with both students and healthcare institutions. 

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