Flexicap | Simulation and dimensioning of energy in collaboration with Lemcko research group of UGent

Future of energy management conceptualization, design and development

Goomyx has teamed up with Lemcko research group at Ghent University to develop an advanced energy tool. Flexicap is a tool designed to give households and SMEs more insight into their energy consumption and help them optimize their energy use 

With the increasing focus on renewable energy sources such as solar panels and the growing electrification of vehicles and heating systems, there is also a growing need for reliable tools to make informed decisions about energy use.

The guidance we received from Goomyx to achieve a beautiful and working whole was indispensable. Throughout the entire process we had the feeling that the project also belonged to Goomyx, not that they were just providing a service.

Conceptualization, branding and design

Working closely with Lemcko, we began designing the energy tool. Since Flexicap is a brand new concept, we had a blank canvas to start with. Goomyx designed a brand identity including logo, color palette, fonts and vibe. With the brand identity in hand, the designing could begin where we focused on usability and functionality. Every citizen should be able to use the tool independently with limited explanation. The result is an advanced design with underlying complex logic that is both intuitive and catered to users of all backgrounds.

This tool goes beyond generic rules of thumb and offers a detailed and user-specific approach to energy integration. 

Insightful data leads to thoughtful choices 

The result of the underlying algorithms, developed by Lemcko research group, was implemented by Goomyx in a clear dashboard. Using tables and graphs, supported by guiding information, this dashboard shows the user all relevant information about the analyzed energy integration. This enables the user to easily understand the possible scenarios and make decisions based on the data presented.

Testing and refinement 

Working with a DevOps expert, automated CI/CD pipelines were set up with Github Actions and Azure. This allowed new functionality to be quickly and securely deployed to the production environment. 

The tool was extensively tested during and after development to test and optimize its design and logic. We worked closely together to resolve any bugs from the proof of concept phase to a production-ready end result. 

By collecting persistent feedback from users and experts, we continuously refined and optimized the tool after delivery to keep meeting the ever-changing needs of the energy market. For example, one year after release, we added additional functionality for farmers in collaboration with Inagro. 

A step towards the future: Flexicap's contribution to sustainable energy management

The Flexicap tool allows households and SMEs to optimize their energy consumption, reduce costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Thanks to the complex logic behind it, users are guaranteed accurate and reliable results. 

Flexicap embodies the power of collaboration between companies and academic research groups, and will continue to contribute to a sustainable and efficient energy supply for the future.

Simulate your profile in the Flexicap tool.

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