De Juiste Job | Discover your dream job

Design and development one pager to help twenty-somethings find their passion-driven career

De Juiste Job focuses on twenty-somethings looking for a job that truly suits them.With a passion for coaching young people, they offer customized programs to help them find their ideal job. To realise their online presence and reach potential customers, they approached Goomyx.

A clear one pager for De Juiste Job

We began by designing an organized one-pager which would contain all the necessary information for potential candidates. Using clear sections and an intuitive layout, we ensured that visitors could find relevant information quickly and easily. To simplify navigating through the page, we added a convenient menu that takes visitors directly to the desired section. This makes it easier for users to swiftly find the information they are looking for. 

Application form and integrated appointment tool

To make the process as smooth as possible for candidates, we developed a sign-up form for the one pager. In addition, we added an embedded Calendly appointment tool so candidates can schedule an appointment for their first session in just a few clicks. By lowering the threshold of the registration process, the services of the ‘De Juiste Job’ become more accessible for everyone.

Technological sophistication 

We chose to develop the one-pager with Svelte, resulting in a smooth, responsive user experience for website visitors. 

Successful career paths start here

Thanks to De Juiste Job's one-pager, twenty-somethings can quickly and easily take the first step toward a career that truly suits them. 

The streamlined design and user-friendly features contribute to a positive experience for potential candidates. 

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